Week of March 23rd-27th

Happy Monday! Please check Google Classroom for the new remote learning assignments for this week! The first assignment is a review on adding and subtracting integers, and the other assignment is a review on one-step equations with integers. The due date for these assignments is April 3rd.

Remote Learning

Hi everyone! I will be posting more remote lessons on Monday for next week! I appreciate all of the hard work I am already seeing! The lesson that I posted over area and circumference of circles is not due until March 27th. I wanted everyone to have plenty of time to work out any kinks with this new concept of remote learning! If you are having any trouble, please let me know. Please check in on Monday for more lessons!

Weeks of March 17th- 27th

Hey everyone! For the next two weeks, please watch the following tutorial videos on how to find the circumference and area of a circle. Pay close attention to the formulas used. Please write down these formulas because they will help you with the quiz afterwards! I will post the videos, some practice games and quiz in Google Classroom!  

After you have watched these tutorial videos, you can take the quiz posted in Google Classroom . Please take this quiz by March 27th. I have it set to where you can take the quiz two times, if needed!

Miss you all and take care!

Mrs. Jones


JANUARY 27TH- 31ST, 2020- MATH

UPDATE: 1/29/20

I have decided to push the Chapter 6 Test to Tuesday, February 4th. We will do Linear Equations from Tables and Graphs on Thursday and a Chapter 6 review on Friday and Monday. Thanks! 


MONDAY- Graphing Linear Equations Review

TUESDAY- Slope-Intercept Form notes and practice. HOMEWORK- LESSON 4 HOMEWORK PRACTICE

WEDNESDAY- Writing Linear Equations from Tables and Graphs. HOMEWORK- LESSON 5 HOMEWORK PRACTICE

THURSDAY- Chapter 6 Test Review: Study the following concepts:

  • how to graph linear equations using slope-intercept form, linear equations and coordinates
  • how to identify linear relationships
  • how to write linear equations from tables and graphs
  • how to determine slope given tables, graphs, and ordered pairs.

FRIDAY- Chapter 6 Test

JANUARY 20TH- 24TH, 2020- MATH

MONDAY- No school

TUESDAY- Introduction to slopes, Watch video on slopes, Add “Slope” notes to journal, Practice slope problems together as a class/ NO HOMEWORK

WEDNESDAY- Add “I Can Find Slope From” notes to journal, Complete odd problems on Lesson 3 Homework Practice/ HOMEWORK- COMPLETE EVEN PROBLEMS ON LESSON 3 HOMEWORK PRACTICE: DUE JAN 23RD.

THURSDAY- Introduction to slope-intercept form, Add “Slope-Intercept Form” notes to journal, Practice slope-intercept form problems as a class/ NO HOMEWORK 

FRIDAY- Practice slope-intercept form problems as a class/ HOMEWORK: LESSON 4 HOMEWORK PRACTICE- SLOPE-INTERCEPT FORM


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